Just Your Everyday Enforced Chastity Fetish
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The way all boys should be kept……………….. Locked up!


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I see that one pic without the chastity device .. for shame!

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Today I’ve superglued a button to my padlock, now I can’t open it even with the key unless I find a way to remove the button or break the padlock. 

pretty good

Get a pop-rivet gun and rivet it.  The padlock you can always cut off.  A rivet is much less easily removed.

However, good job entering the world of permanent chastity!


Lady Madeline has added a small cow bell to the chastity cage so that She will always know where I am and others can only wonder where the tinkling is coming from when I am out and about.

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Hope every locked boy in the uk has a good spank holiday.


I like being naked while caged :)

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Sunday in chastity…

and Monday … and Tuesday … 


From last nights playtime ;)



What should I do?
1) continue chastity for another 2 months
2) enjoy a nice ruined orgasm
3) shoot my pent up load down my throat

I’m open to suggestions. Any thoughts?

Throw away the key and stay locked up

If u have the proper syeel cage, my vote is to remove the lock and rivet it on. I did. Knowing that your cocklette can no longer be used gove you permission to be the besy sub you can be.

Otherwise, I’d say go another 2 months.