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Man I am turned on and could take the cage off, but I’m not going to. Maybe I should krazyz glue the lock!

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wonder if this is true

Yes.  It’s true.  Mine is half the size it was when I started this adventure years ago.  I would think though that guy who get let out for tease and denial sessions or even orgasms fairly regularly wouldn’t have this issue.

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Matching shirt and underwear

soooo cute!

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Yeah so that guy I went out with yesterday isn’t interested after all. “I see you more as a friend, sorry.”

I have enough friends. I don’t want any fucking more. I need something more. And you know, I just knew, it was going too good. WAY too good. I didn’t want to believe this relationship was gonna implode but it did. They always do.

Fuck the planet right now.

Ohhh man.  So sorry.  Someone’s bound to be right for you … sooner, rather than later.


Petite penis permanently placed in plastic prison

Positively perfect alliteration.

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