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First morning in chastity….

The first of thousands …

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There it is, I’m so excited I finally got one!


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i made the mistake of telling a buddy that i was SO THIRSTY for some cock juice. He said, okay: take your water bottle to the bathroom & fill it up; then take it back to your desk and drink up.

Next time i’ll have to be a little more specific.

Cheers, fellas.

Slurp.  Slurp.

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Trying to stay locked up until spring break next week in hopes of getting some bondage fun, but already so horny!

Horniness is good for you … builds character.   :)

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Good morning Tumblr! Day 3 and crazy morning wood! Balls are pretty sore. But no unlocking for this boy! Anybody want to come over and tease me until I’m dripping all over? ;-)

I’ll be right over!

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She said I can finally get unlocked to shave as long as I take her 2 bulls cocks in may ass. I desperately need to shave I guess my ass is going to be full

I sure hope they take pics and video of you giving your ass to them.

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Locked without cumming

That’s the whole point, boi.

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My little boy’s penis is locked away while my wife goes out on a date.

Cage seems a touch too big.

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