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Jacky, Close up and locked


Ready for the beach

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Lockd n Nakd Philip


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Manhood controlled. Secure and safe. No orgasms. Perpetual denial. Permanent chastity.

Permanent?  Put a rivet on it!   ;)

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Locked again after one week free, no cumming, and required daily edging sessions. 8/21/14

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Still find mornings quite hard !!!

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More break-time for Master this weekend, but here’s a preview of the next photo-set showing off the chastity device that I received as a gift from one of our followers *wags*

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La douche de ce soir, je n’avais pas oublié le gode ;)

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This faggot had to honor of being put in chastity for the first time this week. Just moved to a new city and got in contact with a dom with a big collection of toys. He invited me around for an erotic rub down and asked if I wanted to try it. It has been a fantasy of mine for ages and I jumped on the chance.

It felt so right.

It took a lot of ice to get it on (I couldn’t keep my cocklet soft) but it fit on eventually and my caged clit even left room at the end. The device (a CB6000S) was clunkier and heavier than I imagined it but I loved the feeling of denial. As you can see I leaked a lot. He even slipped in an aneros prostate toy which felt amazing. I did not, however have permission from my long distance master daddybater for my pussy to be penetrated so I am currently awaiting punishment.

It’s now been 21 days since I last came and i’m incredibly grateful to my master for denying me. 

My master lives 4 hours away and if I could i’d lock my fag clit away permanently, mail him the key and visit him on the weekends where he would unlock me, milk me, or just fuck me brutally without allowing me to cum. However he chose. I am his. I belong to him. Thank you sir.

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